Press Release : March, 2014


Organizers confirm that INFOFISH TUNA 2014 will go ahead as scheduled amidst the political tension in the capital city of Thailand. Extensive consultation with collagues and industry players are taking place to closely monitor the situation. The goverment of Thailand particularly the Department of Fisheries and the Thai Tuna Industry Association (TTIA) have given us strong support towards the success of the event. Dr. Chanintr Chalisarapong the president of TTIA said in his email to INFOFISH, "The Tuna conference at Shangri-La Hotel will not be affected by the political demonstration in Bangkok as they (demonstraters) stay far from the hotel and the hotel area (Shangri-La) NOT the key strategic point in Bangkok". Recent reports from Bangkok reveal the protesters have dismantled barricades and camps in all intersection roads and limited number of demonstrators are now carrying out their protest inside the Lampini Park.

We strongly believe the situation is generally under control and will improve in the near future; hence the TUNA 2014 is to go ahead as scheduled... More >>